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How to deactivate or delete a Location

If you close down one of your stores or warehouses, or you move location, you might want to deactivate or delete a location. We'll show you how in this article.

Locations are deactivate or deleted via your Shopify admin.

It's not possible to delete a location until you've deactivated it first.

It's not possible to deactivate (or delete) a location set as the 'default' location. Change you default location first.

How to deactivate a Location

  • From your Shopify dashboard, click Settings, then Locations.

    Here you'll see a list of locations.

  • Click the location you wish to deactivate.

  • Scroll down to the 'Deactivate location' section and click Deactivate location.

  • Confirm the deactivation.

How to delete a Location

After you have followed the above instructions to deactivate a location you are able to delete a location.

  • Click the red Delete location button that becomes available.

  • Confirm the location deletion.

  • The last thing you need to do is Resync your Locations in Australia Post Shipping so the app is made aware of this change.

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