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How to print shipping labels for a shipment

Once you've connected your MyPost Business, eParcel or StarTrack account you'll be able to print labels. Printing labels is one step in the fulfillment process. We'll show you how.

To print labels you'll need to open the fulfillment you are working on.

  • If it's not already open click Fulfillments on the left side navigation and select the fulfillment you need.

  • Next click Shipping Labels.

  • You'll be taken to the list of shipments you just created. Click Select all to select all of the shipments. Alternatively, individually select the shipments you'd like.

  • Click Create Labels.

  • Give your label a title and click Save.

  • Next, select the labels you just created and click Download, to save and print them.

And you're done!

Adding printing shipping labels is just one important step in the Fulfillment Process, read the articles below for the full process.

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