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How to use Australia Post rates and your own custom rates

Learn how and why you'd use custom rates along side rates provided by Australia Post Shipping.

It is possible to use Australia Post Rates as well as your own custom rates at the same time, if you need. The key is to set up multiple shipping profiles. Here's an example of why you might do that.

Let's say you sell flowers and boxes of chocolates. You can ship the chocolates with Australia Post but you're using a courier for the fresh flowers.

You could set up two shipping profiles, one for each type of delivery method.

For the shipping profile for the courier delivering the flowers you want to make sure not to enable the Australia Post Shipping app so that it doesn't display Australia Post rates to your customers, but uses the rates you've entered manually instead.

Watch this video or follow the guide below to find out how.

How to add a second Shipping Profile without Australia Post Rates

Assuming you already have a Shipping Profile set up with Australia Post Shipping rates, you now want to create a second Shipping Profile without Australia Post Shipping rates.

  • Go to your Shopify Dashboard. For example: yourshopname.myshopify.com

  • Click Settings in the bottom left corner. Then Shipping and delivery from the list of options.

  • Here you can see there is already a default shipping profile called 'General Profile'. Click Create new profile on the right.

  • Give your new shipping profile a name, and add products you wish to link to this shipping profile.

  • Next add zones to your shipping profile. Scroll down to the 'Shipping to' section and click Create shipping zone. Name and add locations that make up your new zone and click Done.

  • Next add Rates to your new shipping zone, click Add rate.

  • This is the important part: Leave the rate set to Set up your own rates.

  • Give your rate a name and enter a price. Click Done.

  • Make sure to save your changes, click the Save button at bottom right to save the new shipping profile.

Congratulations, now you've set up multiple shipping profiles, one for your general items using Australia Post rates and one with your own custom rates.

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