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Mark orders as fulfilled in Shopify

Marking your orders as fulfilled is the last step in the fulfillment process. This makes your orders in Shopify fufilled also. We'll show you what to do.

Once you have created your labels and shipments are ready to send, you should mark your orders as 'fulfilled' in Australia Post Shipping and your Shopify store.

  • If it's not already open, navigate to the fulfillment group you're working on by clicking Fulfillments on the left navigation menu of Australia Post Shipping, and selecting the fulfillment you need.

  • Next to 'Fulfill orders in Shopify' click Fulfill Orders.

  • Here is a list of orders making up the fulfillment group.

  • Click Fulfill Items.

  • You will see a 'Congratulations!' page. Your products will now be fulfilled in Shopify and your customers will be notified with tracking details.

Those orders will now appear in Australia Post Shipping and Shopify tagged 'Fulfilled'.

Congratulations, you have completed the MyPost Business fulfillment process.

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