Australia Post Shipping allows you to streamline your fulfillment process by recording information about your packaging.

The packaging feature in Australia Post Shipping allows you to set up multiple packages and record details such as their weight & dimensions.

You can save Australia Post's standard satchels, padded mailers and tube mailers as packages, or you can add details of your own custom packages.

Why save packages?

  • Saving details such as weight & dimensions of your frequently used packages makes them available to choose when you are creating a shipment. This makes your fulfillment process much more efficient.

  • If you use packages of a different size to those offered by Australia Post, loading your custom packages means your shipping rates will be based on the actual packaging you use and not automatically default to a standard Australia Post package.

  • Recording details about your custom packaging keeps this information handy for making decisions about packaging in the future.

Where are my packages?

You can view a list of packages you've set up by clicking Packaging in the left hand navigation of the Australia Post Shipping app.

If you haven't added a package yet, click Create Package, and follow the guide How to create or edit a package.

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