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Update your MyPost Business payment details

You'll need to update the payment details associated with your MyPost Business account anytime you change, replace or cancel the credit/debit card you use to pay for your shipments. Follow this guide to learn how.

How to update your MyPost Business payment details

If you can't see Payment methods as an option in the left hand navigation you have signed in as a 'Team member' and don't have access to payment details attached to the account. You'll need to sign in as the 'Account holder'.
If you still can't access the Payment methods page even when signed in as the account holder, you'll need to contact Australia Post for support. Either call 13 13 18 or visit their Help & Support page.

On the left is the navigation you should see. If you have the navigation on the right without the 'Payment methods' page, login as the 'Account holder' rather than as a team member.

  • On the Payment methods page edit and save your updated card details.

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