All about Shipping Zones, how to add or edit them, and how to apply Australia Post Shipping rates to them.

A Shipping Zone is a group of countries or regions that have the same Shipping Rates. Within your shipping settings, you can define which countries you allow your products to be shipped to.

You are also able to define which shipping methods each of your shipping zones have access to. This allows you to enable and disable Australia Post Shipping in any of your defined shipping zones.

Watch this video or follow the guide below to see how that's done.

How to add or edit shipping zones

  • Navigate to your Shopify admin For example:

  • Click Settings, then Shipping and delivery.

  • Click Manage rates on one of your Shipping Profiles.

From here you can add or remove access to carrier calculated rates to enable and disable Australia Post shipping to specific zones.

You can add a new shipping zone by clicking Create shipping zone, or you can edit or delete a shipping zone by clicking the 3 dots to the right of the preferred shipping zone.

In the below example there are two zones; 'Domestic' and 'Rest of World'. Both zones have carrier calculated rates enabled and we see that the carrier providing the rates is the Australia Post Shipping app.

Your zones might have no rates or some default rates you created before you installed Australia Post Shipping. It's a good idea to delete those older rates and continue reading to learn how to enable Australia Post Shipping rates.

Enable or disable Australia Post Shipping Rates in a Zone

  • To add the Australia Post carrier to a zone simply click the Add rate button. In the 'Add rate' window select 'Use carrier or app to calculate rates', then choose 'Australia Post Shipping (Rates provided by app)' from the dropdown menu.

Is Australia Post Shipping greyed out so you can't select it? This means you've already added the app to this zone. You only need to add the app once to each zone.

  • Check the post services you would like to apply ('Express Post' and/or 'Parcel Post'). We suggest you check 'Automatically show new shipping services to customers when they become available'.

  • Click Done. Make sure to save your changes, click the Save button to the right.

  • To remove the Australia Post carrier from a zone simply click the 3 dots to the right of your desired carrier and choose Delete rate.

Hint: if you can't find your Australia Post Shipping rates look for the 'Carrier and app rates' tab.

Congratulations! You've set up your zones and enabled Australia Post Shipping to provide rates for you.

There's two other key steps to get your setup right. If you haven't already you should Delete default rates and Check all of your items have weights.

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